First set of Starling AIR apps hit the Store!

At Kids Industries we’ve been working hard towards getting the first round of AppStart Learning apps out the door. What makes this so unique is that our apps connect to children’s toys using Bluetooth which provides the kids with a much more enriching learning experience.

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What AS3 Project to focus on next?

Help me choose what to do next with the little free time I have. I love developing stuff for the Flash community.

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AssetLoader v3 - Ideas/Roadmap

AssetLoader v3 – Ideas/Roadmap

Hi there lovers of AssetLoader, the time as come to starting thinking about what we’d like to change with the next version. Below is a “dynamic” list of things that I have in mind. Please feel free to voice your opinion to get your idea(s) on the list.

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Global CSS Robotlegs Trick

A quick and easy way to globally apply CSS to your TextFields within your Robotlegs applications.

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AS3Mailer – Send email from Flash!

AS3Mailer – Send email from Flash!

AS3Mailer is an open source library that allows to easily send emails from Flash using a server script or mailto link. Some of you might remember me posting this a while back and then quickly removed it. Well, yes I did to that, reason being that it needed more security. The new security implementation will prevent anyone from using your mail script, while only requiring minimal “work” from you.

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